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Race to the Stars

Mission: Land on Proxima first!

The year is 2169. Just 200 years after landing on the Moon, humans are preparing the most audacious mission ever: Interstellar travel. After the Mars landings, successfully terraforming the planet has proved impossible. Humans have therefore set their sites on the nearest habitable planet in the next Solar System: Proxima Centauri. Earth’s various factions are vying to be the first to land a craft on Proxima, and so the race of the century has begun! Teams of up to 5 people serve as the crew of their own spaceship, racing against other teams to reach Proxima. Along the way they encounter many obstacles and need to make fast decisions that could impact their ability to be the first ones to safely land on Proxima with their ship intact, a healthy crew and enough supplies to build life on this new planet. How they resolve each challenge will have a different outcome, which effects the length of their voyage and the fate of their ship and crew.
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